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2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Information

Here you will find information on the new tax laws and how it may impact your taxes.  The focus of this information is on the Auto Dealer Client.

While the new tax act has many new and complicated provisions, below are items that we think are of most importance to Auto Dealers in regards to their dealership's tax returns and personal 1040's.  Click on each item you are interested in to learn more.

Dealership Tax Return Items:

How Much will my Taxes go Down?
20% Qualified Business Income Deduction
Increased Depreciation Deductions
Limitation on Meals & Entertainment Expenses
Interest Expense Deduction Limitations
Should I elect to Become a C-Corp to get 21% Tax Rate?
New Luxury Auto Depreciation Rules

1040 Items:

New Mortgage Interest Rules
Alimony Deduction Eliminated Starting in 2019

Dealership Management

IRS Record Retention Guide

NADA Record Retention Guide​

Resource Sites

Local Dealership Organizations and Governmental Agencies

Maryland Auto Dealers Association (MADA)

The Washington Area New Automobile Dealers Association (WANADA) 

Virginia Automobile Dealers Association (VADA)

National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) 


Maryland Association of CPA's